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Cocooning de luxe

Cocooning de luxe

Do you still remember the times when you told each other on Mondays about another super-active weekend and, completely exhausted, came to the conclusion: "Actually, we should just stay at home for once"?

But who likes to stay at home when the world is raging around you, beckoning with its tempting offers and suggesting that anything, yes ANYTHING is possible? Well, we don't. Sorry, sofa, your attraction was strong, but curiosity was stronger.

And yet cocooning, the retreat in one's own home, is pure healing for the soul. There is no place where we experience more feeling of safety than at home. Here you can drop all your roles, take off your uncomfortable shoes and be yourself. In the protective cocoon of your own four walls, the madness of the world is stolen from you for a few sweet hours or days.

In the last few months, we have become real world champions at spending time at home – #stayhome. We've realised how boring it can be without input from outside. But perhaps for the first time, most of us have really understood how beneficial cocooning can be.

So it's worth sticking to it. More than that, let's take cocooning to the next level. Get rid of the old, baggy sweatpants, they're so 2020. Create your own world of pleasure and well-being with your partner or just with yourself.

All you need is:

  • Really good weather (anyone can do that when it's raining).
  • A trend piece from the latest cocooning collection, e.g. an extra-long cashmere scarf that you can wrap around yourself at least three times, or a homewear set in elegant ribbed knit.
  • Underneath, sexy lace lingerie or high-quality boxer shorts. Even if you're cocooning alone.
  • Soft pillows, fluffy blankets.
  • A FLSK drinking bottle with fragrant coffee or fiery chai tea within reach.
  • Ingredients for an elaborate favourite dish.

Weiße FLSK

How to cocoon – for the advanced:

  1. The newsfeed is taboo. Nothing comes between you and your absolutely glorious self-centredness today.
  2. After getting up, you take a shower (we're not here to bum around), then throw on your cocooning outfit and feel wonderfully decadent. How about your favourite fragrance or fine jewellery along with it?
  3. Quick check: Is your place ready or does it need a cosy update? Make yourself as comfy as possible, clear out the clutter, vacuum those crumbs and spread out your pillows and blankets.
  4. Phew, after so much work you should now take a break and do nothing. The cushions are perfect for this. If you live with a loved one, ask them to join you.
  5. Lunchtime! Time for extensive cooking, which can extend over hours. The same goes for the meal.
  6. Now devote yourself to a cocooning activity of your choice. The only condition: You must not leave the house. We recommend a long phone call, leafing through old magazines and making loads of tea or coffee (or mixing drinks).
  7. Oh, 5pm already? Now off to bed. Candles, music, your pet (if it's fluffy) or partner (same criterion) will help you get into an all-round pleasant floating state between waking and sleeping.
  8. Repeat if necessary.