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Perfectly looked after at work

Perfekt versorgt im Job

The job companion: To the office with the FLSK drinking bottle.

Your job is more than just a way to earn a living. It's where you're creative, contribute, and implement your ideas. Your career should give your life meaning and make you happy. It's a good thing that the FLSK drinking bottle exists to make every minute of your workday sweeter. Thanks to its worry-free package of design and functionality, you'll stay fit, alert, and relaxed all day.

Your FLSK insulated bottle doesn't just provide you with chilled favorite drinks, it also adds a dash of style and quality to your workday, becoming an indispensable office companion. It keeps your coffee warm while you check emails in the morning and helps you stay cool-headed during a long afternoon meeting. Enjoy your workday with the FLSK drinking bottle by your side.

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Drink professionally with the FLSK drinking bottle.

Many offices now have water dispensers offering chilled still or sparkling water, but the well-intentioned effect in regular glass carafes fades quickly. Reach for the FLSK drinking bottle instead because it:

  1. Keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 18 hours.

  2. Is fully leakproof and maintains carbonation.

  3. Stays hygienically clean with a quick rinse.

  4. Comes in four sizes to match any meeting length.


Drinking enough at work? I can handle it with ease.

Even if you spend eight hours in your office chair, your body consumes a lot of fluids because your brain is very active. Poor air quality in closed rooms and public transport makes things worse. Without regular hydration, headaches and fatigue are likely. With the FLSK drinking bottle on your office desk, you now have a great reason to drink regularly.


An eye-catcher in the meeting room.

The FLSK drinking bottle is the stylish meeting room accessory your business partners have been waiting for. It puts an end to lukewarm drinks at business meetings. The FLSK thermos bottle serves perfectly tempered drinks in an elegant, professional manner. If you'd like, you can have your FLSK drinking bottle branded with your company's logo using laser engraving for a personalized touch.

Perfect for this.