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Some like it hot: coffee and tea from the FLSK thermal bottle

Manche mögen's heiß: Kaffee und Tee aus der FLSK Thermoflasche

Nothing rejuvenates you like freshly brewed, hot coffee or tea. Unfortunately, these cool down just as quickly in most pitchers. And they're not as tasty anymore. At FLSK, we believe it's time for a revolution in thermal bottles.

With a thermal bottle that stylishly and sustainably transports your coffee or tea from A to B while keeping it steaming hot. One that gives you the freedom to enjoy it anywhere and anytime. Forget what you know about hot drinks from thermal bottles and coffee pots – you deserve better. Discover the FLSK stainless steel bottle for coffee or tea.

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Coffee to go? Yes, please.

It's quick, convenient, and trendy: coffee or chai latte to go. It's a catastrophe for the environment, as the paper and plastic cups used consume an enormous amount of resources. With the FLSK thermal bottle, you make an important decision every day: for your hot drink on the go and against the flood of waste. But not only that:

  1. You save a lot of money if you brew your tea or coffee at home and take it with you in the FLSK bottle instead of buying it on the go for a high price.

  2. Need more than one coffee to get going in the morning? The largest version holds a liter. We're sure this will wake you up, bet on it?

  3. Bye-bye coffee stains: The FLSK bottle is leak-proof, unlike a cup. Enjoy a clean outfit the next time you get jostled on the train or make a sudden stop.

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FLSK loves coffee.

Coffee lovers swear by the FLSK thermal bottle because it makes life easier. Your hot drink tastes freshly brewed for over 18 hours. It stays hot and retains its full flavor in the neutral-tasting thermal bottle. Major plus: it looks great and is ready to leave the kitchen. In elegant black or cheerful colors, the FLSK will accompany you skiing, hiking, to the office, or just to bed while it storms and snows outside. There, it does what it does best: provides fresh coffee for hours.


A kingdom for tea.

As a tea lover, you know that good tea is precious and deserves careful treatment. The FLSK bottle keeps your hot drink hot for 18 hours and preserves the delicate flavor of high-quality varieties thanks to its neutral stainless steel. At the same time, this stylish insulated bottle is a genuine lifestyle accessory with its timeless design. In the FLSK thermal bottle, you can take Earl Grey, Ayurvedic herbal tea, and your detox green tea anywhere without compromising on enjoyment.

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