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Which FLSK product can go in the dishwasher?

4 Gründe, warum FLSK Produkte nicht in die Spülmaschine dürfen

Dishwashers are practical, but not always the best choice for your FLSK products. Learn why you should clean your bottles by hand and get tips for proper care, especially if you do use the dishwasher.


Better to Clean by Hand: Why?

The insulation ability of our FLSK products is not damaged in the dishwasher. However, we recommend cleaning them with a dish brush in the sink. The colored coating and the lid desire gentle treatment.

Exception: stainless - all natural Series

Our series without coating can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher.


Daily Cleaning Made Easy: For the basic routine, hot water, possibly some dish soap, and a soft sponge are sufficient. Just rinse, wipe, and let air dry.

Beware of the Dishwasher: High heat and aggressive cleaners could discolor or remove coatings and impair the adhesion of lid parts.

Special Tips for Thorough Cleaning: For a clean bottle opening, cleaning beads, denture cleaner tabs, or special bottle brushes are recommended. Clean the sealing ring separately and occasionally boil it to prevent bacterial growth.

For the muki Snackpot and the FLSK Coffee Mug: Also here, clean the sealing rings separately and occasionally boil them for hygiene. Avoid aggressive cleaning agents to protect the surface.

Care Tip: Gentle Cleaning for Long-lasting Joy: Our products prefer gentle treatment so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Discover the right cleaning routine for your FLSK bottle and accessories.


What Happens if I Put the FLSK Bottle and the FLSK Coffee Mug in the Dishwasher?

Regardless of the program chosen, very high heat prevails in the dishwasher for an extended period. Combined with the often very aggressive dishwasher detergents and high water pressure, this could lead to discoloration of the coating and, depending on the model, possibly even its removal.

The stainless steel cap of the lid and the BPA-free plastic plug are connected by a special, non-toxic adhesive. The prolonged heat in the dishwasher can cause this bond to loosen, causing the lid to "spin" and making it difficult to open your FLSK bottle.


Hand washing white bottle with pink sponge


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