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CUP - the coffee to go cup with design.

CUP – der Coffee to go-Becher mit Design

You are an aesthete. You have high standards. You enjoy surrounding yourself with beautiful things that look great and feel even better. So why should you compromise when it comes to your coffee cup?

The streets, offices, and cafes are filled with coffee-to-go cups in garish colors, questionable patterns, and dull shapes. What's worse: most products hide poor functionality behind their appearance. Which one really keeps your hot drink warm for longer than ten minutes?


The FLSK Coffee Cup – awarded for its innovative design.

When we designed the FLSK Coffee Cup for you, we were driven by a grand vision. We wanted to create a coffee-to-go cup that you'd never want to put down. Its minimalist form reflects uncompromising performance.

The result: The FLSK Coffee Cup – urban, essential design married with unmatched functionality. This also convinced the prestigious German Design Council, which awarded the FLSK Coffee Cup the German Design Award 2022, as well as the Green Future Club, which recognized the FLSK Coffee Cup with the Green Product Award 2022. This award stands for outstanding products, services, and concepts characterized by good design, innovation, and sustainability.


Designed for all your five senses.

The first sip of coffee in the morning is a moment of pure, sensual bliss. That's exactly what your FLSK Coffee Cup was made for. Beneath its cool, stylish exterior lies a true hedonist who knows how to enjoy life. Its design appeals to all five senses:

Sight: The cylindrical body of the FLSK Coffee Cup flows in a gentle curve from the wide lid opening to the narrow base. It is crowned by a perfectly fitting, transparent lid with a harmonious drinking opening. The discreet and precisely laser-engraved FLSK logo provides a fitting conclusion to the design.

Choose your new favorite coffee cup from various elegant tones and two different sizes. The FLSK Coffee Cup in 350 ml will never let you and your coffee down. It safely transports your hot beverage throughout your day, keeping it hot for 3 hours.

The FLSK Coffee Cup in 500 ml keeps your tea, coffee, or mixed drinks hot for 3 hours, and cold beverages like iced coffee, tea blends, or frappuccino cold for 3 hours. Perfect for hot summer days or cold winter days.

Touch: Let your fingertips wander across the slightly grainy yet very fine powder-coated surface of the FLSK Coffee Cup – a tactile delight. The diameter is calculated so that the FLSK Coffee Cup fits perfectly in your hand. And the design also considers things you don't want to feel: our Easy Hold principle secures the Fliplid by lightly pressing it just beyond the drinking opening. It stays put even if you tip the cup.

Sound: You can even hear the quality of the FLSK Coffee Cup! For instance, in the reassuring "click" when the Fliplid closes the drinking opening. Not a drop will leak through.

Smell & Taste: The FLSK Coffee Cup lets you savor the complex aroma of your coffee to the fullest – thanks to food-grade stainless steel that adds no unwanted flavors.


If you don't just want to take our word for it: Kaffeedampf, an independent coffee magazine, thoroughly tested the FLSK Coffee Cup.

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