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FLSK - the drinking bottle with design

FLSK – die Trinkflasche mit Design

Why are conventional thermal bottles actually so unaesthetic? If you want to be your daily companion, you not only have to be able to do something, you also have to look particularly good. Our aim is to combine modern technology with an attractive design. That's why the FLSK stands out refreshingly from the silver-gray monotony. Our designers did a lot of tinkering and drawing. The result: a breathtaking stainless steel drinking bottle that you can proudly display on your fine dining table. You are sure to get envious looks.

Sure, a drinking bottle is a commodity. However, that is no reason to walk around with an ugly, run-of-the-mill bottle. We believe: Good design is innovative, honest, unobtrusive and long-lasting. And it makes our everyday lives a little bit nicer. Like the FLSK. With its perfect shapes and fresh colors, it stands out clearly from conventional bottles. Thanks to its puristic, timeless design, it stands beyond all fast-moving trends and will accompany you for many years.

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The design is in the details.

The cylindrical shape of the stainless steel bottle body narrows in the upper quarter and converges evenly in a flat arc towards the opening. In this way, as little space as possible is wasted, which is important for the handy shape and size of the bottle. The classic design of a beverage bottle is the model. The narrow neck ensures that you have a good grip on the FLSK.

The thread of the opening, like the bottle cap, is left metallic silver and provides a contrast to the colored bottle body. The size of the opening differs only slightly between the different bottle sizes and ranges from 3.2 to 3.4 centimeters. The opening is adapted so that you can easily fill in liquid and drink comfortably from the thermos bottle. The lid fits absolutely precisely and doesn't let a drop escape.

The FLSK logo with the characteristic drop is applied to the bottom of the bottle and the lid with a precise laser. The subtle brand lettering can also be found on the side. The FLSK drinking bottle is available in the shop in four different sizes: 350, 500, 750 and 1000 milliliters. The size of the insulated bottle is chosen so that it fits into the usual holders of bicycles or fitness equipment as well as into the FLSK neoprene bag.

We are also pleased to have received several awards for excellent product design.

German Design Award

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