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How does the CUP Coffee to-go cup work?

Wie funktioniert der CUP Coffee to-go Becher?

The CUP coffee mug to go is a premium coffee mug unlike any you've ever held in your hands before. It exudes elegance, feels good and can be used intuitively and safely thanks to its smart design. Underneath its matt surface, innovative materials and modern thermal technology work hand in hand. We call it: Your new coffee to go.

Your CUP can do that.

  1. Keep coffee hot and cold for 3 hours: Hot is absolutely serious here - after 3 hours your stimulant will be steaming like it's fresh from the machine.

  2. Preserve aroma: Your Flat White deserves better than cardboard or plastic. The CUP is food-safe and preserves the delicate taste and smell of fine coffee beans.

  3. Turn it upside down: When the fliplid is tightly closed, the CUP is tight and doesn't lose a drop - we leave the leakage to the disposable cups.

  4. Serve coffee without spills: The CUP regulates the flow rate so perfectly that there is no risk of spills when drinking. For confident coffee enjoyment on the go!

First-class performance for your coffee.

If you want to accompany you every morning, you have to have something on your plate. Just like the CUP. Technically speaking, he plays in the top league. Its outstanding thermal performance is based on the

VICC® technology. VICC® – that stands for Vacuum Insulated Copper Coating. We'll show you how a powerful insulated cup is made from copper and stainless steel:

Thermal mug made of 304 stainless steel.

The core of the CUP consists of a double-walled stainless steel cup. There is a vacuum between its walls, i.e. an airless space. This prevents the temperature exchange between the coffee inside and the cooler air outside. This means the coffee stays nice and hot for a revolutionary length of time. The additional copper coating on the inner cup body supports thermal insulation.

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Lid made of stainless steel, Tritan and silicone.

CUP lid

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