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Game, set and victory – the FLSK drinking bottle on the tennis court

Spiel, Satz und Sieg – die FLSK Trinkflasche auf dem Tennisplatz

When you play tennis you move around a lot. There is no other sport that requires greater individual effort. Over a long period of time you are highly concentrated, sprinting and punching alternately. A match – especially in competitions – can easily last 2 or 3 hours. You don't have to play in a Grand Slam tournament to be completely exhausted. Now there's only one thing left: the FLSK drinking bottle is a must. In addition to being in good shape, drinking regularly is the key to victory.

There's nothing like an exciting game of tennis with friends or family. Outsmarting your opponent and sending them out of bounds with a well-aimed backhand is fun for everyone and keeps you fit. Tennis has changed from an elite sport for the privileged to a popular sport. But one thing hasn't changed: everyone wants to look good on the tennis court. No problem! The FLSK drinking bottle with aesthetic shape and color combines design with unprecedented function.

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Drink deluxe on the court.

Do you regularly play tennis in your free time? Then you will definitely take a bottle of water with you. Sure, drinking regularly is mandatory. But not all drinking bottles are the same. Find out here why the FLSK insulated bottle is ideal for playing tennis:

1. Insulating function : In summer, the FLSK delivers ice-cold drinks for 24 hours, in winter it keeps warm drinks at their original temperature for up to 18 hours. This means it can do more than just a plastic bottle.

2. Processing : You can rely on your FLSK drinking bottle as a high-quality product. It won't leak in your training bag and is completely shockproof from tennis ball attacks. Promised.

3. Well-being : The FLSK with its high-quality stainless steel is BPA-free, sustainably produced and easy to clean.

4. Look : Classic white or eye-catching burgundy red – the choice is yours. With its elegant design and well-formed curves, the FLSK drinking bottle fits into tennis like, well, the ball into the net.

The coach opens his eyes.

Start your training with a comprehensive warm-up. This prepares the muscles and joints for the subsequent stress. Now you're ready for action on the court. But before the balls fly, you take a sip from your FLSK thermos bottle - it's not just the coach who's wide-eyed. Matching the tennis dress, the FLSK simply radiates sovereignty and sporty elegance. The great thing about it: The FLSK in pure white doesn't look at all like a typical sports water bottle. It accompanies you all day and also makes an impression in the office or on the dining table. But right now you are on the tennis court. With renewed strength you hit the ball over the net. After the sweaty match, your training partner can only reach for a lukewarm, stale apple spritzer. Try not to look too happy when you enjoy your pleasantly tempered, bubbly drink from the FLSK drinking bottle. Otherwise there is an acute risk of envy. The FLSK meets the modern spirit and combines the highest insulation performance with an attractive exterior.

A victorious double: you and the FLSK.

Did you know that the longest tennis match of all time lasted over 11 hours? You don't have to overdo it. Nevertheless, a tennis tournament demands maximum performance from your body. Good hand-eye coordination, lots of powerful serves and run, run, run. No wonder he asks for fluids at regular intervals. But when is the best time to drink? We recommend filling your FLSK drinking bottle with drinks containing electrolytes and minerals. About an hour before the match, treat yourself to another large portion of water. During the game there is a change of sides after odd games. You should use the break well because it is your chance to take a sip from the FLSK. But don't take too much time, you only have 90 seconds before the ball has to be in the air again. You can do this easily, because the FLSK drinking bottle fits well in the hand and can withstand it if you throw it to the side a little more roughly when you're in a hurry. Water that is at a good temperature can also be drunk more quickly and puts less strain on the stomach. No matter how the tournament turns out – with FLSK at your side you will definitely win.

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