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Fit with the FLSK drinking bottle

Fit mit der FLSK Trinkflasche

Whether it's circuit training, equipment workouts, yoga, or CrossFit – you go to the gym to keep your body healthy and attractive. 

Sweat drips, blood circulates powerfully through your body: today you conquered your inner sloth! After a good workout at the gym, you feel strong and capable. Just like your FLSK bottle. It's a real performer, keeping your drink fresh and at the ideal temperature for over 24 hours. To the gym? Only with your FLSK bottle.

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Give your body what it needs.

When should you reach for the bottle during your workout? Before, during, and after training. Dehydration is the main cause of muscle tremors and performance drops. No problem, staying hydrated is now easy. With the ReNature FLSK, every sip is a pleasure. Here are strong arguments for the ReNature FLSK bottle:

1. Uncompromising function: The FLSK bottle keeps your sports drink at the right temperature. It doesn't matter if you're working out in a stuffy gym or a cool CrossFit box.

2. Matching style: The dominant color in gyms is black. Stand out a bit with the FLSK bottle that looks great next to the equipment.

3. Easy to handle: The FLSK bottle is easy to use daily. Just rinse it with running water after use. Done.

4. Good for your well-being: The high-quality stainless steel of the FLSK bottle keeps germs at bay and doesn't release harmful plasticizers.


Strong in the gym.

About 15 million people in Germany go to the gym regularly. No wonder: you can train effectively and diversely there. Alone, in groups, or with a trainer. With equipment, weights, or bodyweight. Now add some motivating music, and almost nothing can go wrong. But wait, suddenly your limbs feel heavy and you forget the exercise sequence. This is when alarm bells should ring: concentration, endurance, and coordination rapidly decline if you don't hydrate properly during your workout. The rule of thumb: drink as soon as you sweat and not just when you're thirsty. Do you prefer plain water or sparkling sports drinks? No matter what refreshes you after leg presses and crunches, enjoy your cool refreshment perfectly tempered from the FLSK bottle. Even carbonated drinks are kept 100% sealed.


On the mat: With style and function to the gym.

Equipment too technical for you? You prefer not the muscles of a bodybuilder, but a holistic body toning combined with relaxation? Then you're probably found in fitness classes like yoga, Pilates, and more. Even on the mat, you should drink regularly to stay fit until the end of the session. Motivate yourself with a handy, functional designer bottle. By the way, drinking a lot also boosts fat burning as a nice side effect. Just place the FLSK bottle at the end of your gym mat. Don't worry if it falls over. The robust stainless steel handles it effortlessly and remains completely leak-proof. The FLSK bottle comes in many great colors, sure to match your sports outfit. So, grab your sports bottle.


Pure power with CrossFit.

Fans of this new fitness cult swear by the FLSK bottle. CrossFit brings steel muscles, loads of fun, and physical challenges of a different kind. It's not for the faint-hearted. Tire flipping, obstacle jumping, and hammering wood are just some of the disciplines to push you to your limits. Your training bag needs a bottle that's super robust and can handle everything: the FLSK bottle. Drops and knocks don't affect it at all, delivering 100% performance under any condition. After a tough workout, you've earned a cool refreshment, not a lukewarm one. The FLSK bottle keeps your drink at the desired temperature for 24 hours. Additionally, it impresses with urban, contemporary design that doesn't scream "sports bottle" from afar. We recommend the 1-liter version of the FLSK insulated bottle, as sweat flows abundantly in CrossFit. Make no compromises with something as important as your hydration after training. Reach for the FLSK bottle.

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