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On the Road with your CUP Coffee to-go cup

On the Road mit Deinem CUP Coffee to go-Becher

The CUP is made for movement. In the morning, have your favorite barista or coffee maker fill it with aromatic, hot coffee. And you're on your way and ready for whatever comes next.

With the CUP in your hand, you can make your way through the hustle and bustle of the city, ready for subway rides, red lights or long meetings. And when you've finished your drink, you close the CUP with a "click" and stow it safely in your bag. So uncomplicated. So stylish. So sustainable.

Made for Movement - through the day with your CUP.

In the morning.
Even if you're still half asleep, your CUP is already ready for you. Fill it in your kitchen or delegate the job to a coffee bar of your choice. With its compact shape, the CUP fits under all standard coffee machines and promises 350 ml of the finest coffee enjoyment to go. Put the lid on, close the fliplid and ...

On the streets of your city. you go! Time is short, the next appointment is getting closer and closer on the timeline. But on the way there, the coffee in your Travel Mug really wakes you up. While you turn the corner with quick steps, change lanes or answer an e-mail on the train, the CUP sits comfortably in your hand. The coffee doesn't spill over but gets into your mouth through the optimally shaped drinking opening without spilling.
On site.
Now you've arrived at your destination. Thanks to the high insulating capacity of the CUP, the remaining coffee is still warm and sweetens the first three hours of your day. Its elegant design will be the highlight on your desk! When the coffee cup is empty, simply press the fliplid shut. Now the CUP is tightly closed and can go in your bag - although it is much too beautiful for that!
Back home again.
It's getting late. After a day full of inspiration and encounters, you return home and long for some relaxation. Luckily, your CUP is not in the way. Unscrew it and give it a quick rinse under warm water. That way, you can easily reuse it the next morning when you head out for new urban adventures. Learn more about the optimal cleaning of your CUP.

5 reasons why the CUP makes your life more beautiful.

1. With the CUP you can enjoy your coffee wherever and whenever you want.
The thermo cup makes you independent of time and place - perfect for your active, unpredictable everyday life. In the CUP, you can safely take your coffee with you on your way, it keeps it warm for up to three hours. One cup isn't enough to wake you up? You can fill up the CUP wherever coffee is available.
2. With the CUP you always stay on the clean side.
The CUP gives coffee stains no chance! When drinking, the limited flow of the drinking opening protects you from stains. The (really) leak-proof coffee to go cup can also be transported leak-proof and cleaned hygienically.
3. With the CUP you have more time for the important things.
Taking coffee with you has never been so uncomplicated. From filling to transport to cleaning, the CUP impresses with its practical handling. It fits under any coffee maker, is easy to open and close and, thanks to the stainless steel used, can be rinsed in no time at all.
4. The CUP fits your sustainable lifestyle.
You think and act sustainably. The CUP made of durable stainless steel supports you in living these values. As a reusable cup, it conserves the earth's resources with every use.
5. The CUP makes you unique.
Looking for something special? You'll find it with the CUP: Its aesthetic design stands out from the crowd. The personalized engraving ensures that your CUP is unique in the world. Is the CUP the best and most beautiful coffee mug on the market? We think so! Choose your CUP and let us convince you. 

Perfect for this.