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Stylish coffee bars, skilled baristas and a wide range of coffee variations have become normal for us city dwellers today. It's hard to imagine that there were times when coffee was a standard drink that people didn't think much about. Jordi Mestre, founder and co-owner of NOMAD COFFEE, reminds us of this.

We took a look around NOMAD COFFEE in Barcelona and spoke to Jordi. In the video, he talks about his passion for black gold, the long journey from a coffee cart to a successful trading company and why you shouldn't compromise on quality when it comes to coffee. Take a look now and whet your appetite for fantastic coffee!

Jordi Mestre: A life for the coffee bean

Jordi's story begins in East London in 2011. He worked shifts in a classic East End pub, but spent every free minute discovering independent small coffee shops with special products. Soon he was working in a café that also sent him to street markets with a coffee cart. The cart's name: NOMAD COFFEE.

From then on, Jordi couldn't get coffee out of his head, he immersed himself in the subject and simply wanted to learn everything about it. His mission: to open a specialty coffee shop in his home country of Portugal. In the interview, you'll find out how he ended up filling no more than 30 coffee cups in the first 6 months there and why he can still look back proudly on his flourishing business.

Mindful production process from the coffee bush to the cup

We think that NOMAD COFFEE goes perfectly with FLSK. After all, this excellent coffee calls for a stylish drinking vessel like the FLSK coffee mug – true to our motto “Wherever you find quality, you also find FLSK”.

The NOMAD COFFEE team follows its coffee throughout the entire production process to ensure its quality. Employees travel to numerous countries in search of the best beans and speak to importers and producers. They then bring the coffee to Portugal to roast it according to the rules of the art.

Come with us in this video into the heart of NOMAD COFFEE and try our fragrant specialties!