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FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle

FLSK stainless steel drinking bottle

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18 hrs. hot.
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Carbonic acid proof.
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You need a short moment of inner peace? Then the Champagne 350 is just the thing for you. With it, you can beam yourself out of your everyday life for a short time and to the most beautiful beaches in the world. Take it with you to your job, to the hippest cafes in town or put it in your little one's backpack - it will find a place everywhere!

The FLSK Champagne stands for pleasure without compromise. That's why your new FLSK is naturally free of BPA and plasticizers. The type of stainless steel 304 used also gives the FLSK strong insulating properties and a long service life. Nothing is guaranteed to leak out of it - there's nothing to shake about that! The Champagne 350 ml shows us that sustainability, function and aesthetics are not mutually exclusive. The small impressive style object puts any competition in the shade with its external appearance and internal values!

diameter FLSK:7,1 cm
weight:270 g
size: 350 ml
height with lid:21,1 cm
height without lid: 20,5 cm
material: stainless steel
drinking opening: 3,2 cm