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Bottle Bag

Bottle Bag

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500 ml FLSK
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We've collaborated with ANY DI to create a bottle bag that unites sustainable indulgence with a stylish design. Our minimalist bottle bag turns the FLSK 500 ml* into a trendy fashion accessory.

The high-quality black vegan leather is dirt and water repellent, sturdy, and produces even lower emissions than conventional leather. 

Accented with sterling silver details, this bottle bag is sure to turn heads, with delicate embossing and hand-finished leather details to complete the sophisticated look. 


With the handy crossbody bag, the FLSK 500 ml bottle is always quickly at hand. The case surrounds the flask body; the loop fixes the bottleneck so that your FLSK doesn't slide out. Keeping your FLSK far away from your keys or other sharp-edged objects, it is perfectly protected from scratches inside the bottle bag. 


And with the ANY DI Strap System, you can always carry your essentials with you and never compromise on your style: Attach up to three small ANY DI Pockets* to the classy snaps. There is room for your sunglasses, credit card, train tickets, etc., so that your handbag can also stay at home - ideal for extended city trips. 


Keep your hands free and add an extra glow to your look. Exactly what you need. 


*Not included in delivery. 


Bottle Bag

total height:
20,0 cm
Diameter bottom:
12,4 cm
Net weight:
 240 g
Gross weight:
560 g
material:vegan PU leather

length adjustable strap

minimal length:
100 cm
maximum length:
140 cm
 2,5 cm