New products at FLSK.

CUP stone

Simply good coffee in a sturdy coffee to go cup - that's what the CUP stone is for. Purist design meets uncomplicated handling. The CUP stone is your competent partner for the boost of concentration you need every day at 3:30 pm.

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Bottle Bag.

FLSK and ANY DI stand equally for high-end quality and stylish appearance. Together we move more. That's why we teamed up and designed a Bottle Bag that combines sustainable enjoyment with stylish design. The minimalistic bottle bag made of vegan PU leather transforms the FLSK 500 ml into a stylish fashion accessory.

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Finally, you no longer have to watch your FLSK drying on the sink for days. is the ideal draining aid to dry your drinking bottles hygienically and quickly. The practical drip rail is simply placed in the sink and the bottles are hung upside down to dry.

Water out, fresh air in for drying - in the draining aid, your drinking bottles dry in no time at all. The kitchen counter remains free and the sink is not blocked by the narrow rail.

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