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Your summer party without plastic

Deine Sommerparty ganz ohne Plastik

You've been waiting for this day for weeks. Checking the weather app every minute, hanging fairy lights in the trees, and getting the striped deck chairs ready. Finally, a real summer party again! With all the trimmings: barbecue, party, homemade popsicles ... oh yeah! 

Let's see if everything is ready: charcoal? Check! Drinks? Check! Plastic cups? Wait a minute. We've become so accustomed to plastic cups at summer parties that we no longer question their presence. Yet they're neither stylish nor particularly functional. And let's not even talk about sustainability. Do it better: we'll show you an eco-friendly, aesthetic, and practical alternative to the plastic cup.

The problem: Hot drinks in plastic cups

Whether lemonade, beer, punch, or wine - a summer party stands and falls with the drinks. They have to be fresh and ice-cold to be really fun. But in the park, at the lake or in the garden, this is not so easy to achieve. No one wants to handle glasses that shatter into a thousand shards at the first gust of wind. And letting the bottle spin was not an option long before Corona.

So, what to do? Most people reach for plastic cups and hope that the ice cubes in the cooler will last as long as possible ... But plastic cups are unstable, terribly ugly, and inevitably end up in the trash after the party. In addition, they do nothing, but really nothing at all for the drinking pleasure. All they do is make drinks taste bland, get warm quickly, and their carbonation dissipates.

The solution: celebrate with the FLSK drinking bottle.

Forget the plastic cups. Instead, use the FLSK drinking bottle for your summer party! This brings many advantages with it:

  • Zero Waste: the FLSK drinking bottle can be reused as often as you like, significantly reducing the environmental impact of a party.
  • No Plastic: Drinks do not come into contact with plasticizers or other harmful substances that can be found in plastic.
  • Hygienic: Everyone has their own signature drink. And after the party, the FLSK drinking bottle is uncomplicated to clean.
  • Refreshing even in hot weather or direct sunlight: thanks to patented VICC® technology, liquids remain ice-cold in the FLSK for 24 hours. So, partying through the night is no problem at all.
  • Carbonation-proof: Fancy a sparkling long drink or fizzy spritzer? Served up by the FLSK, whose lid won't let any carbon dioxide escape. And after bumpy transport or tipping over the bottle, you don't have to worry about "explosions" and foaming over.
  • Tight: The FLSK never leaks. So, you can easily prepare drinks at home and have them in your bag until the party location. 
  • Chic: The insulated bottle looks different than a plastic cup high quality and elegant. Simple in black, playful in rosé or cool in khaki - you decide. 
  • Charming giveaway: You can give your guests "their" FLSK to take home as a lasting memento of the evening. Engraving makes it especially individual.