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What will be your focus this year?

Worauf setzt Du dieses Jahr Deinen Fokus?

Is there anything more annoying than New Year's resolutions? Even asking ourselves about it makes us drop our trousers metaphorically. "Less alcohol, more sports, going to bed earlier? Aha, that reveals a lot! Did we overdo it this year?" ¬- Sucks.

Not to mention that the well-intentioned resolutions have a lifespan of firecrackers: poof and gone. It all starts on New Year's Eve: staying up all night, repeated toasts, dining like royalty. Does that sound like the introduction to asceticism? Right.

But the basic idea behind resolutions is not at all wrong: instead of dawdling on through life, you give the New Year a conscious direction. However, a focus – a New Year's focus, if you like – is far better suited to do that.

Resolutions narrow you down, a focus aligns you.

What is the difference between a focus and New Year's resolutions? First of all, the numerus. Focus is singular, New Year's resolutions are often plural. There we are already at the core:

Decide on one thing.

Not everything can be equally important. For example, you don't plan to reduce stress, exercise more and spend more time with your friends. You focus on what is important for you, e.g. being more attentive to your needs.

The second difference is more on the content level. While resolutions seem like small hurdles that you tear down and then give up quite soon, a focus allows you to return to it again and again. A focus is indulgent. Once you lose sight of it, all it takes is a little turn into the right direction – and on you go.

Finely adjusting the focus is part of the game.

You cannot "fail". Even if you have not paid attention to your needs (to take the example from above), you don't have to give it all up. Stand up, adjust your crown, you know.

In addition, a focus defines the line of vision. New Year's resolutions, on the other hand, often focus on one or more limited events in the future. The resolution "go jogging three times a week" limits your options. What if you have twisted your ankle? Then you can only give up your resolution reluctantly. But if you focus on the great feeling of taking the five stairs in the office without losing your breath, you have a lot of options. Because there are many ways to get there.

A focus works under all circumstances.

That is why it "lives" longer.

And last but not least, a wisely chosen focus keeps your attention on what you want. Not (like many resolutions) on what you don't want. For example, you may decide to drink less alcohol. What do you concentrate on? Right, alcohol. It makes much more sense to have a positive focus, for example on a healthy, lively body.

Choose a positive focus.


You are in control of your life.

Maybe the new year will be better than the old one. Perhaps it will hold completely new challenges for us. One thing is certain: you should not trust the focus of others (colleagues, partners, media, politics). They may want something completely different than you, e.g. to reassure or worry you, to moan with you or simply to attract your attention. Instead, make your own rules, being optimistic and proactive. The world is waiting for your decision. What will be your focus this year?