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4 tips for your relaxed private viewing evening

4 Tipps für Deinen entspannten Private-Viewing-Abend

What is the best alternative to public viewing? That's right, private viewing! Because in your own four walls you can enjoy the football event your way. Without crowds and beer showers, but with your favourite people and stylish enjoyment. Find out what you need for a happy, relaxed and simply unforgettable World Cup evening here.

1. create different areas for your guests

This tip can save you a lot of frustration. Take a moment and think about which guests you expect. You want to use the World Cup as an opportunity to invite your girls over and chat again? The game is then a minor matter. If, on the other hand, you have a passionate fan as a guest, he or she might not like off-topic conversations during the game. The solution: different areas. First of all, you need cosy seating with snacks and drinks around the screen. The kitchen or the balcony with cool cocktails are welcome places for a football break away from the TV. Guests can switch between the areas according to their preferences, which brings flow and excitement to the evening.

2. provide for a relaxing programme of social activities

We humans are this way: When the TV is on, we have to watch it. So structure your evening cleverly. Put the emphasis on the shared experience, where football is one of the items on the programme. Allow 1-2 hours before kick-off so that everyone can arrive and talk in peace. Let your guests guess the outcome of the match and donate a bottle of champagne as a prize for the winner. Then, when you're in a party mood, the goals can come: Time to cheer and cheer along! Afterwards, there will be the prize-giving ceremony and dessert. This prevents the usual emptiness at the end of the game, which encourages people to leave.

3. make it easy for yourself

No one says you have to make a big effort as a hostess. "Keep it simple" is the golden rule here. This means that guests can help themselves to snacks and drinks. Use several FLSK drinking bottles to keep drinks cold and put the supplies in an ice-filled (bathtub). Choose a mixed drink that you can easily prepare. It is also elegant to appoint one guest as Master of Drinks to help the others with the preparation. Make sure that the snacks can be eaten without a table. Otherwise not only your sofa will suffer! Pieces of quiche or dumplings are ideal.

4. have fun and let go

Despite all the planning, don't forget: this evening should be fun for everyone, including you! The best way to achieve this is to let go of your perfectionism. They do exist, the evenings that make you happy long after the final whistle. But it wasn't because the cheese filling was masterfully prepared or the hostess cleaned up stains during the party. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed the guests. Enjoy your evening!