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Minimalism - less stuff, more time


In summer it is very easy for us to enjoy the free, wild life. We don't need much: an airy dress, sunglasses and we already feel weightless. Where does it come from, the summer happiness? FLSK has set out on a search and found the minimalists. They say: If you want to feel free and easy, you have to free yourself. From dead weight. From superfluous things and old habits. Sounds wonderful? It is! Because when we let go, we realize what we really want to hold on to.

More time for what really counts.

Faster, better, more: You rush through your life and have to take care of a thousand things. Your thoughts revolve around work and shopping. You reward yourself for a hard day at the office with a shopping tour. You have a thousand things and yet no time to use them appropriately. Does this sound familiar to you? You are not alone in this: Piling up things seems to have become quite normal. We buy almost automatically. We own so much. Until one day things own us.

It's a bit like a vicious circle. You buy more and more things for which you need a bigger flat which in turn costs you money and time. The many things around you have at some point turned into a millstone without you even noticing. We feel this clearly when you move away, but also when you pack your suitcase for the big holidays.

When you start to say goodbye to superfluous things it is incredibly relaxing. It brings you back to yourself. With less stuff you will realise again what matters most in life. And have the time to enjoy it. The beauty of minimalism: It comes in many different forms - radical or relaxed. What a person needs to be happy is very individual. With a little courage and the fun of experimenting you can find your own balance between having and being. And somewhere in between, the carefree life.

Minimalism Light - a guide for beginners.

You can always apply these three questions - in the department shop, at the flea market or when mucking out your flat. They help you to find out what you really want. And let you make more conscious purchasing decisions step by step. Shopping can make you happy if you do it with a portion of awareness.

  1. What does it cost me to own this thing?
    When shopping, most people only think about the price tag. But that is just the tip of the iceberg! Then there are the costs of use, repair and maintenance, storage and transport. A coffee machine costs only 60 euros. However, you need capsules worth 100 euros a month, you also need to descale them, you need a place in the kitchen, etc. And these are only the material costs. Think also of the time and nerves it will cost you to use the thing and take care of it.
  2. Why do I want it?
    Next, explore what need you are satisfying with the item. If it is something meaningful, go ahead! A bikini for the lakeside is a good thing. But if you notice that you are trying to buy a certain feeling: don't touch it. Think about whether there is another way to feel beautiful, special or satisfied.
  3. Does this thing make my life better?
    Sometimes it simply has to be this vase. If you use it to decorate your home with fresh flowers from the field and feel much more comfortable, it is wonderful. But if the vase disappears in the cupboard, nothing in your life changes. And you have another piece of dead weight.

Reduced to the essential - the FLSK drinking bottle.

Maybe you think that producing a product and talking about minimalism do not go together. We think that it fits perfectly. We all need some things to live a good life. It is not about having nothing, but having the right things. Namely those that make us happy and make sense for us and our environment. In this sense, the FLSK drinking bottle is THE accessory for the modern minimalist. The FLSK is sustainable and durable, multifunctional and reusable. It provides you with fluids and frees you from the burden of having to consume plastic bottles. One bottle is enough. And you own the world. Long live minimalism!