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Magical morning routine

Magische Morgenroutine

Maybe you are wondering now: "What, pray tell, is magic about the time between six thirty and seven thirty in the morning? I'm glad if I can manage to get out of bed, find the shower and slowly wake up around eleven o'clock.”

Fair enough. The morning also has its unpleasant sides. Especially when we fight it day after day as if it was a personal punishment. This attitude usually has its roots in long gone school days, when we were forced to sit in maths class at eight in the morning with a horde of sleepless teenagers.

Yet the morning hours hold a huge potential for our happiness and development. We can tap this potential if we stop setting the alarm clock for just before it is time to go and spending this precious time in unconscious half-sleep. The morning is your ally and totally on your side. Don't you think so? Read on!

What's making the morning magical.

  • You are still very close to yourself. Before you check your phone for messages or before other people start demanding things from you, it is the best time to consciously take a moment for yourself. 
  • What you manage to do in the morning is really done. Good resolutions e.g. about sports or mediation are often quickly wiped out by the challenges of the day. In the morning you are safe from this. You start the day with the good feeling that you have already done the really important things for yourself and your health.
  • Your morning routine has a huge impact on the rest of the day. Here you set the course for energy, good mood and concentration.

Create your own morning routine.

We won't present a pre-designed procedure that you can simply adopt. Because there is no such thing as THE perfect routine, but only the perfect one for you. The best thing is to put it together yourself. Experiment with what is good for you. You can use the following tried and tested components:

  • Sports: Activate your body - whether it's a five-minute walk or 15 minutes of yoga. 
  • Meditation/Breathing: Gather your mind and consciously turn it towards the new day. For this you can sit in silence for a few minutes, listen to a guided meditation on YouTube or just take a deep breath in and out.
  • Music: Has a high impact on your mood and can be integrated anywhere (e.g. as an alarm clock or for sports). 
  • Health: A glass of lukewarm water, a herbal tea from the FLSK (prepared the evening before) or a fresh smoothie pave the way to your physical health every morning. 
  • Read/Study: Are you very interested in a certain topic, but never get around to it? Put a book on your bedside table and read one chapter every morning. 
  • Good thoughts: Practice gratitude or create a powerful mantra for your day. 
  • Focus/Goals: What small step can you take today towards your goal? Focus on what is important today.


FAQ Magical morning routine.

I have very little time in the morning, do I really need a whole hour for this?

No, in fact ten minutes will do. Just start small. It will increase by itself when you notice that it works and you benefit from it.

Do I have to get up earlier for my morning routine?

Not necessarily. You will notice that you are much more productive and get more done in less time thanks to the new process. So the time you invest in your morning routine will pay off. In the beginning, however, it may be a good idea to get up a bit earlier to get used to your new morning without stress.

I've been doing this for 7 days now and I still have to overcome myself. What is the matter?

Nothing at all! You're doing great. Just give yourself some more time. It's not called morning routine for nothing. A routine is something that automatically takes place in the same way over and over again and thus develops great power. But it does not happen overnight. Think of how many years you have "trained" your old pattern. Give yourself another 2-3 weeks. If no benefit is then achieved, you should change your routine.