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The Danish trend Hygge shows how it's done: When it gets uncomfortable outside, reach for thick socks and light a fire in the fireplace. Throughout Scandinavia, a sauna is part of the standard furnishing. The Nordics certainly know how to do it, after all, it is colder and darker in Scandinavia than hardly anywhere else. We can learn from them that warmth is a basic need of our body and also of our soul. Warmth is simply good for you. You don't have a sauna at home and can't light a fire between work and dinner? No problem. FLSK shows you three practical ways to integrate moments of (heart) warmth into your life.

The ones who keep themselves warm, live longer.

As I write these lines, a slight chill overcomes me. Yes, it can no longer be denied: Summer is over - and I instantly long for warmth. I fantasise about hot chocolate, hot tubs and fluffy blankets. Where does this desire come from? I find answers by taking a look at our past. For us, who live in a climate zone where it is cold for half of the year, warmth is essential to survive. Our body needs its constant core temperature of about 36.8 degrees to work properly. In the days before the invention of central heating, this was quite a challenge.

Warmth signals: All is good.

The crackling campfire was our ancestors' protection during the night, and it provided cooked food that gave the body energy to heat itself. We still have this saved in our collective memory and in our genes. In autumn, we intuitively know that we should provide warmth now in order to remain efficient and optimistic. Let's listen to this instinct! 

Warmth in any form caresses both body and soul, relaxes the muscles and nerves and lifts the mood. Cold, on the other hand, can quickly become dangerous. Not only for our ancestors, but also for us modern people if we dare to step out into nature without protection. The symbol for cold is the block of ice: hard, inanimate, frozen. That's exactly how my feet feel now... Time for the number one FLSK warm-up tip:

1. Take a warm footbath.

Women in particular know that the evening is saved when the feet are warm. A steaming footbath is the quickie among warm-ups and is easy to do on the side. You need a small tub or bucket for it. While reading, watching TV or even working, the warm footbath provides instant relaxation. Okay, maybe not when you have a meeting with the boss. But in the home office or when you have your office to yourself, it's a great way to give yourself warmth and renewed energy. For maximum effect, add a few drops of cinnamon oil to the water and then slip into your warm socks. By the way, the foot bath also helps at the first sign of a cold.

Frau in Badewanne

2. Nimm Dir ein heißes Getränk mit.

Good, the feet are warm again. But what can you do if you don't want to go out in the drizzle in the morning? Or when you're in the underground and there's a terrible draught? Or when you're completely exhausted after two hours of tobogganing with your children? In this case, you just pull out a well-filled FLSK drinking bottle of your bag. Hot coffee, tea or chocolate will put your world back in order, promised. With every sip you give your body pure energy. And on you go! And there's still some left for the way back: thanks to our sophisticated technology, the FLSK thermo bottle keeps the inside hot for up to 18 hours.

Frau trinkt aus roter Flasche

3. Fueling your inner fire: Spices.

The stomach is your body's energy unit - and you can fire it up in a focused way. Spices and herbs now provide warmth from within. Chilli, ginger and cinnamon are wonderful in many hot beverages. Just spice up your morning coffee and be amazed how it works. Basil, garlic and turmeric also heat you up. Include these spices regularly in your meals to keep your body going. Soups are particularly favourable, as they often taste even better with a hint of chilli or garlic. In our magazine you will always find recipe inspirations for teas and other hot drinks to try out. I'm going to enjoy my soup now, too. Stay warm and see you soon!

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