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Autumn Bucket List

Herbst Bucketlist

We at FLSK are bon vivants and therefore also big autumn fans. After all, there is so much to experience and do before the winter cold slows us down! We love to celebrate and enjoy this special season. No idea how you could do that? Here's our FLSK Bucket List with all the things you shouldn't miss this autumn.

1. Mount a birdseed dispenser on your balcony.

The little flutterers will be happy about the additional food source and you will have fun watching them.

2. Eat the autumn.

Cook a delicious, cheerful orange pumpkin soup to keep cold viruses away and to keep you warm. You can buy the pumpkin at a farmers' market (see point 6).

3. Drink the autumn.

For example, make a creamy baked apple smoothie for breakfast that provides energy for a cooler morning. Or pour it into the FLSK to enjoy a healthy snack full of vitamins in the office or on the road.

4. Take a long autumn walk... 

...and collect colourful leaves and chestnuts. Jump into a pile of leaves - or watch a dog or a child jumping in. Decorate your home with pretty autumn leaves, for example, simply framed as an autumnal piece of art.

5. Start a creative project. 

For example, knit an alpaca wool scarf or get yourself watercolour or acrylic painting utensils. It simply fills you with joy to make something with your own hands.

6. Go to an autumn market.

Whether it's a sheep market, a farmers' market or a fun fair - pack your family or friends and stroll through the stalls, drink new wine ('Federweißer') or eat roasted chestnuts.

7. Get cosy on the sofa with your favourite film and popcorn.

We all have this movie that puts us right into comfort zone. Wrap yourself in a cuddly blanket, treat yourself to a pair of soft socks and let go of everything.

8. Join a Halloween event.

eah, sure, it's all from America...but it's still fun! Think of a spooky costume, carve a pumpkin face and put a light in it, or take your kids on a torchlight night hike. There are many ways to have a pleasant scary time.

9. Switch your flat to autumn mode.

Is there anything left to be done on the balcony and in the garden? Where are the candles and the light wool coat? Do I still need the summer dresses at the front of the wardrobe? Take an hour or two to get your surroundings and yourself in the mood for the new season.

10. Forget this bucket list!

Be sceptical about any kind of to-do or compulsory programme. Instead, pay close attention to what is good for you now. And then do it.