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Enjoy in French: L'aperitif Chambord.

Genießen auf Französisch: L'aperitif Chambord

Regardless of the French footballing arts, our neighboring country undeniably has some advantages. In addition to baguettes, outstanding cuisine and wine, it is above all the relaxed French way of life that we Germans long for. Somehow everything seems a hint lighter in France. This is the reason why we yearn for the beaches of the Côte d'Azur or the alleyways of Paris every year. If a short trip to France is not possible, then why not treat yourself to an evening of relaxation à la française. What do you need? Some time, a sparkling aperitif and all your senses focused on pleasure!

Celebrating the end of the day.

Usually, a French hostess does not only invite you to dinner, but also to an aperitif around 19:00. Because in France the main role is coming together to feast and enjoy. And what could be better suited to this than an elegant drink with friends? It helps you to get down and arrive at the end of the day after a busy day. A moment ago you were buried up to your ears in paperwork or making the last calls. The aperitif is symbolic for the fact that something new is about to begin. The word comes from the Latin verb aperire, which means to open. And this is exactly what a good aperitif does: it opens you up to the lightness of life on a mild summer evening. At the same time it opens your stomach to the delicacies that are already waiting in the kitchen. Let's hurry to the gym, do the laundry or any other stress of the evening has a break today. Instead, we chat with friends and just let the evening pass. Vive la France!!

Easy, easier, aperitif.

The beauty of an aperitif, unlike a cocktail, is its simplicity. No one has to come up with a fully equipped bar to create a delicious aperitif. The l'aperitif Chambord is prepared in one minute and always a success. Just pour about 1 cl Chambord into a glass and top it off with prosecco. For the stylish look, garnish it with blackberries.

L'aperitif Chambord: ingredients for one glass

  • 1cl Chambord
  • 9 cl Prosecco
  • berries at your choice, e.g. blackberries

    High quality ingredients ensure that the aperitif remains refined despite its simplicity. Still made by hand in France today, the velvety Liqueur Chambord is said to date back to Sun King Louis XIV. The fruity base of raspberries and blackberries is refined with the finest cognac, Madagascar vanilla and Moroccan lemon. This aperitif puts you in a holiday mood in no time at all – guaranteed!